Before we begin, I’ll have you know that the effects, like bold italics or underline, that are here ARE NOT BBCode. This is on Google Docs after all, and it’s kinda like Microsoft Word. Another thing you need to know before I explain the buttons, is that when you click a button, you will see some square brackets appear, like this [letter] and [/letter]. They are important. We will call [letter] the opening tag and the one with the slash [/letter] the closing tag. We will refer the whole thing, like [b][/b] as the bold tag or whatever it’s called.

Anyways, when you're making a post, under subject and right above where you type, there's a line of buttons. These buttons are:

[b]Bold bolds stuff[/b]

[i]Italics slants letters[/i]

[u]Underline underlines stuff[/u]

Note: You can use multiple tags in one sentence. For example, you can use the bold tag with the italics or underline. You can use them for all three tags too.

Example of all three:

bold italics underline.PNG

[quote]Quote refers to previous posts, or to make things look fancy like my RP style[/quote]

[code]The code tag allows people to copy forms or oaths or things pretty easily.[/code]

Note: Words and tags placed inside the code tags will show up with the brackets.


[list]List is used alongside another button, which is [*][/list]






[list=]This is used for a numbered list. It uses the next button [*] as well.[/list] Example:


[*]Find prey


Another numbered list is for letters.


[list=a][*]Hunt for pack

[*]Scout boundaries