• FireFlows


    January 16, 2017 by FireFlows

    I feel like a noob when it says ‘new editor’

    And I'm trying to make a page but it lags ;-;

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  • Foxstep1

    So. I was never really expecting much people (except Wollow) to come here and help but I was wrong!!! I lost track of how many users there are but I wanted to thank you all for coming here. We really appreciate help and users coming here to learn C:

    More admins probably will be appointed soon but we want active users as admins, by the way.

    Anyway....I don't really have much to say here besides this is an active wiki and we're still growing so we could use your help...I dunno. :P

    Well, have a fantastic, splendid time here and Foxi is out!

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